Shiite Tradition- shiite.jpg (other images were too brutal.) The Shiite's consist of about 15%of all Muslims. Shiite Islam started when people followed Ali(brother in law to Mohammad) These people have a custom of cutting and hitting themselves on the "Tatbir" ritual. Many Shiites do this: slice their scalps with silver blades on this day.

One of the Shiite Traditions is that they cut children. They do that because they think if they do that
there child will be blessed by Imam Hussein. Besides cutting the children they cut the childrens head.
To them that shows a Shiite Tradition because that is something that they have to do.

This image shows a mother cutting her young son's scalp with a sharp knife. This common among the Shiites and is considered a great honor in doing so.

Devout Shiites cut their heads with blades during an Ashoura procession to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. This link talks more about Ashoura.