cI.jpg In this chapter Marjane starts hanging out with older girls and becomes interested in all the things they do. For example, there comes a time when they decide to skip school and Marjane not wanting to look uncool agrees and goes along with them. They go to Kansas and eat burgers ( very westernized)eventually Marjane goes home and acts like nothing happened, but her mom knows. After geting into an argument and being screamed at by her mother Marjane decides to rebel and says " Dictator! you are the guardian of the revolution in this house." to simbolize that she's no longer a child she decides to smoke the cigarette. This cigarette simbolizes her defenition of becoming an adult which is clearly wrong.


This site lists some reason why teens start smoking. I think Marjane wanted to show that her independence.

Yesterday the 10-27-08 we had an interesting discusion in class about the chapters in Persepolis and the things they revealed. Someone mentioned something that really cought my attencion and it was that the cigarette is mentioned in 2 chapters. "The Cigarette" and in "The Passport" but in each chapter it means something completely different. In "The Cigarette" it simbolizes Marjane going from beaing a innocent little girl to being a mature independent adult. In "The Passsport" it simbolizes giving up and just having no hope. "anyway im alreday 59...." (118) is what Marjane's uncle says while taking a smoke. It's nice to see how one object can mean two completely different things.