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    englishpat9:Relationships can help and may not help a person. Being in a relationship helps a person during hard times in {} argue w/ your pair.their life. When you can’t count on your friends or family, you have that person who cares for you and help you along the way. Sometimes relationships don’t help people because the person you love can hurt you by cheating on you or just got tried of having another person to look after for. Sometimes I think being single is {} the best because a person is more independent and can have more fun without someone to worry about. It’s nice that Marjane has found someone, however I don’t think it really will work out with Reza. Marjane doesn’t have luck with guys.
    historyscott13 - one thing i tought was apropreate was that the " very religouse man" i think that tghat was a good exsample of some one who can carry their religion out with out jumping off th paverbeail "deep end" he showed that being strict and religious are mutualy esxclusive you dont have to be one to compleet the other.
    It depends on {} theonthe person you
    Sunset12: I think that relationships are good and then some times bad. It all depends who your with. having a boyfriend/girlfriend can be good becuase if your going through something hard you can tell him/her and you know that there alway there becuase they love you. some times having boyfriends/girlfriends are nt so good becuase they can cheat on you when you least expect it. they can hurt you. some times you end up fighting or one of them hits you or they can abuse you. that's why being the only one is good. you don't hace to worry about someone hurting you.
    Jlayne: If I lived in Iran, I wouldn't know what I'd be. As a transition from here to there, I'd probably be very bored and try to get out of there somehow. I wouldn't imagine much to do there but I'd probably stay at home reading any good book I can get my hands on. First of all, I'd probably fall for decadent ways because it isn't fun when the Islamic Republic hates every outside influence. Second of all, I'd probably get my ass handed to me on a silver platter because I hold many atheistic perspectives and that wouldn't look too hot.
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