Frefugees are poeople that come from another countery looking for a place of hiding in order to excape the horrers of warfare, things like civil war, and political diffrences. Mainly refugees are people that want to prtect themselves also from persecution because of there race or religous diffrences, nationality, socail mixture and for many other reasons for the safty of his or her own country.
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Another problem that forces the refugees to leave their homes is the result of famine or the lack of food. In oder to find another way of living with the benifit of having food, health care, a place to live ect. others go because of poverty becaues their are not enought resources to porvide for all the poeople living in the country. A seroius problem that the people face in oreder to leave the country is sometimes getting premission into leaving the land. Which for others especially if you are poor is hard to do. The reason to this is because only the government can tell you if you leave or not.
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Many of the people that that are so called refugges are also called immagrants. The majority of the U. S is made up of immagrants. In order to keep them safe from any harm, people have set up many organizations that protect them like,