"Bolsheviks" is a term used to describe members of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. This group of communists were enemies of the Russian Traditional Statehood and the Russian Orthodox Church. The Bolsheviks were a radical fraction of Russia who defeated the Mensheviks for controol over the Soviets.Vladimir Lenin was their leader. In 1903 there was a quarrel between Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov two of the leaders of the group and soon there was a split in the Social Democratic Labour Party (SDLP). This is when the group arose, there were now two social factions one where called Bolsheviks which were the supporters of Lenin, and the other were named Mensheviks whom were supporters of Martov. The two groups would unite and part ways many times. Many times Bolshvik leaders were imprisoned. There were many opposing beliefs between these two new groups including if it should be legal or illegal to form social political parties.The Bolshevik's slogan of "peace, bread, and land" appealed to the hungry and war-weary Russians. Russia back then as a whole was close to destitute. They had no money-making industry and a minimal working class. Lenin set up a small group of leaders to train Russian Workers to become a revolitionary army. Lenin's interpretation of Marxist theories became the foundation of communism. Lenin also printed out many articles explaining the Russian citizen's views. Many of the partings between the groups were due to the Bolshviks radical ways, some were bombings and armed robberys. The Bolsheviks were members of the wings of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party led by Vladimir Lenin that seized control in the Russian Revolution or October Revolution of 1917. external image Bolsheviks.jpgDuring this time the Bolsheviks took control of power in Russia. They even created a new government they called Sovnarkom. Throughout there long but infamous reign they were known as a communist party and were of much importance to Europe. The Bolsheviks became the communist party in 1918 and dissassembled the constitutional assembly because they did not have the majority in it.