war1.jpgThe Iran-Iraq war lasted from September 22, 1980 until August 20, 1988 and started mainly because of religious, political, and geographical differences. The problems between Iran and Iraq aroused far before the war actually started. But, it was until after the Iranian revolution, when Iraq decided to attack and invade. They knew that it would be the perfect time, because Iran was already weak from the revolution and it would be overwhelming for Iran to fight back for their territory. There was really no point in having the war, because both countries really ended up with nothing but a huge number of lives lost, and not to mention, a great deal of money as well.
The Iran-Iraq war was a very expensive war. It was very unique, not only because of its financial outcomes, but because it was also a war within a war. The two nations that were fighting were being supported by the two military super powers of the world. The United States supported Iran while The Soviet Union supported Iraq. The overall cost of the war, was 1.9 trillion U.S. Dollars.
The war started over border disputes. The waterway of Persian Gulf was used as a cut off line between the two countries. As a result, Iraq ended up invading Iran. Iraq changed their strategy after several attacks/invasions from the Iranian camp. They went from putting on a strong offense to hanging on defensively. This war unveiled the MIG-29 and heavy use of chemicals to destroy the opposing side. U.S gave Iran F-14 fighters for air support against Iraq, after one of their Navy Carriers was destroyed. Iraq was heavily supported by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union spent over 20 billion American dollars on helping the country. They trained them for on foot battle and air force support (the MIG fighter is an example). The U.S. supported Iran by selling them aircrafts worth over 200 million dollars. They charged Iran a lot of money, so that they can make a huge profit off the war. US spending millions on flight support for Iran and Iraq made this war quite a great thing for the United States. In the end, the war was stopped by the United Nations who decided for a cease fire, leaving it in a stalemate.
So, mainly the whole purpose of the war, was basically the borderline between the two countries. In 1971, several islands located in the Persian Gulf, belonging to Iraq, were taken over by Iran. Religion was another reason why a war spewed between the two. Islamic propaganda was spread to Iraq from Iran, and the government of Iraq was scared that the Iraqi Shi'is would revolt and begin a revolution opposing the propaganda that was brought from Iran. Iraq felt that the best time to hit Iran, would be after their Islamic Revolution, for Iran would be weak and it would be a breeze for Iraq to take away Iranian territory for themselves.

Opinion on iran-iraq war

(Sangay) Iran-Iraq War was the war between Iran and Iraq. It went on for 8years from 1980 to 1988. The cause of the war was that Iran invaded Iraq many times, both country wanted to gain more territory, so they invaded each other. 600,000 Iranian's and 400,000 Iraqi's lives were taken because of this war between the different territories. This war was just a waste of time and had no effect on the future of the people, it just made situations worse. Many innocent people died that had nothing to do with the whatever the two countries were going through. All there was after the war was lost of population and lost of 1.2 billion dollars. The current president of Iran and members of his cabinet are veterans of the iran-iraq war.

Kristina- I think the war was pointless also. In the end of the war, no one really won. All people got were more problems and the hate just grew stronger. I feel bad for all the innocent lives that were taken because nobody deserves to have their life taken away for no good reason. I think that since about 1,000,000 people died, there should have been something good happening in the end, but they just ended up loosing money and people.



Below is a pic of the F14 Tomcat used in the Iran Iraq War . Over here is a pic of Iranian troops during thiran-iraq-war.jpge warf-14-HP_VF31_bankright.jpg